Monday, November 5, 2007

Welcome to A Sober Mind

This is the first entry for my blog and I’m not sure what it “should” look like but here goes...

Since I’ve titled it “A Sober Mind”, I thought it fitting to begin with some definition of what I believe is a sober mind, and how one can achieve and maintain it. Sobriety is often thought of as abstinence, or not being intoxicated. But a sober mind goes far beyond not drinking. A sober mind is one that strives for clarity, awareness and acceptance. It’s having a willingness to modify temperament and behavior so that we are respectful to ourselves and to those around us. A sober mind forgives its mistakes and celebrates its accomplishments. It combats negative thinking by making gratitude lists and giving service to others. Asking for help and practicing humility are also traits of a sober mind. A sober mind takes practice, and its’ about “progress not perfection.”

In this space I will share the things that I find important to living a sober life, both emotionally and physically. My goal is to help you find out who you are and what your needs are. To help you become your own best friend, someone you trust, who will keep you safe. My hope is that you will be able to use my thoughts and philosophy on your journey to... a sober mind.


Unknown said...

hello, came accross this by surfing but it sure deals with me.
I'm patricio, sober for only 16 months but still far from a "sober mind". I thouroughly enjoyed this post and will be coming back for more.
Today my issue is Acceptance. You see my wife has started up something new to add to her dancing hobby. She and 2 g/fs are hiring professional dance instructors 2 times per week. I didn't know I would be so jealous and it has caused me much grief these past few weeks. Of course I considered divorce immediately and bigtime anger. Your topic today rings a bell to me becos I don't know who, what or anything else, what my likes, dislikes are.
Thanks and hope to hear some more good stuff and to practice....on the one hand I look forward to growing on the other is great fear!
new mexico/singapore

Unknown said...

Hi Patricio,
Thank you for your comment and congratulations on your 16 months. You are on a very exciting and sometimes frightening journey. I'm glad my thoughts and ideas were helpful to you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rita! My first trip to your blog, I enjoyed reading and catching up with the posts. Good stuff, great to know you're "available" online and I look forward to more.

-- Jeanine

Anonymous said...

i'm glad to have found your blog. I've been in a relationship with a recovering alcoholic and addict who, although he has been very courageous in his recovery, still has issues to deal with regarding being vulnerable and being open to real intimacy. I feel like our relationship is very carefully contained and although we have a lot of good times when we are together, something about it rings hollow. Plus he just told me that he doesn't see our relationship going beyond where we are right now.
Reading your blog has somehow helped. I'm not sure how, but it offered me comfort, so thank you. I realize I've swept quite a few of my own needs under the rug and that has contributed to my feeling bad about us. I feel I have so much to sort out and it's really scary. What you've said has been echoed by my sponsor - about knowing myself in order to know what is right for me. But I tell you, from where i'm standing, it's REALLY hard. So much pain to deal with. One step at a time, right? Thanks again.